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Speaking of Hungry

Apr 27, 2020

Do you have past trauma or an inner critic in your head that dictates who you are today and driving you to eat emotionally? 

Lynn Louise Larson is talking to me about how past trauma and our inner critic are shaping the landscape for how we live. We talk about her past relationship with food and running. A...

Apr 9, 2020

This week I'm talking to Philly-area dietitian Heather Rudalavage. She takes a weight-neutral and health-at-every-size approach with her clients to help them achieve their health goals with compassion, empathy and a dash of humor!

We are talking about how diets don't work, how to manage stress eating during COVID-19,...

Apr 2, 2020

If you haven’t “met” Victoria Welsby through her Fierce Fatty podcast or book, Fierce Fatty: Love Your Body and Live Life Like the Queen You Already Are, then allow me to introduce you! You’re going to want to hear what Victoria has to say about fatphobia and how our own internalized fatphobia can...