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Speaking of Hungry

Jan 26, 2021

Does this sound familiar? 

You’re slowly giving yourself permission to eat more foods.  You stopped weighing yourself because you know how that number can mess with your head. You can eat a few cookies if you’re craving them, or have the bag hanging out in your pantry for weeks without even thinking about them. 


Jan 19, 2021

Can you exercise while healing your relationship with food and your body? 

It depends. 

In this episode, I talk about how exercise plays a role when we're trying to heal from a disordered relationship with food and exercise. 

Healing from obsessive exercise will have its ups and downs. It's important to explore your...

Jan 12, 2021

You want to stop dieting and heal your relationship with food and your body .... BUT... you also wouldn't mind losing some weight. 

I totally get it! I have felt the same way. So do most of my clients. 

In episode 48 I talked to body image coach Brianna Campos about why we seek out weight loss. We touched a bit on the...

Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year! 

How are you feeling about your body right now? 

We are in the full swing of diet culture exploding all around us. The false hope of a "new year, new you". If you are doubting your body right now and feeling the pull of diet culture promises, you don't want to miss this new episode! 

I chat with Brianna...