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Speaking of Hungry

Feb 23, 2021

Are you tired of apologizing for how you eat? For your body shape and size?

Is this constant apologizing harming your relationship with food and your body? 

Listen to the newest Speaking of Hungry episode where I chat with Alissa Rumsey, a nationally-recognized registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating...

Feb 16, 2021

Still convinced that your weight is the problem? 

A cancer diagnosis several years ago set Maggie out to dig deep into the research and evidence behind weight, nutrition, and health.  Although she is a board-certified physician, she admits that most doctors in medical school get a tiny blip of nutrition education so she...

Feb 9, 2021

This week I'm talking about postpartum nutrition. We get so much nutrition information before and during pregnancy. Then we have a baby and we're left to figure it all out on our own. Not only that, but we're also expected to bounce back to business as usual with life, work, and get our bodies back in warp speed...

Feb 2, 2021

Have you been told you need to lose weight for health reasons?  Do you struggle with the idea that your weight is NOT the thing to focus on in order to improve your health? 

Did you know there is considerable evidence that focusing on weight and weight loss is associated with a decrease in health?

I’m addressing these...