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Speaking of Hungry

Oct 12, 2021

Do you own a Peloton bike or treadmill? Or do you use the Peloton app to jump into a yoga, strength training, barre, pilates, or meditation session?

I love my Peloton bike and all of the different forms of exercise the app offers. What a lifesaver during Covid!! BUT... 

I know there are many Facebook communities that have formed for Peloton users to share their love of Peloton and other things like dogs, their kids, wine, and of course, dieting and weight loss. 

Many of the Peloton-related groups on social media can be triggering for those of us who just want to get a good sweat or stretch and move the *F* on. Even if you're in a Peloton group for dogs or moms, there always seems to be someone asking about the latest and greatest diet or posting before and after photos. Sigh.

In this new episode, I chat with Aisha Lubinski, founder of the Peloton HAES & Anti-Diet Community on Facebook. We discuss why a group like this is needed and how it's helping people to enjoy their Peloton workouts while shaking off diet culture and the pursuit of a smaller body. 


Aisha's website:

Peloton HAES & Anti-Diet Community:

Need more resources to help with chronic dieting and disordered eating? 

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