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Speaking of Hungry

Jan 26, 2022

Did you know there may be a connection between an ADHD diagnosis and struggling with disordered eating behaviors? 

Studies have been examining possible connections between ADHD and disordered eating behaviors including binge eating, restrict-binge patterns, eating for stimulation (so not for physical hunger), and more. 

I am fascinated. This is the second time I'm talking about ADHD on Speaking of Hungry and I definitely plan to talk about it more.

In this episode, I chat with Aleta Storch, a Washington-based RD, therapist, and Certified Body Trust (R) Provider. We discuss: 

  • Aleta's personal ADHD diagnosis and past struggles with food; 
  • why people with ADHD struggle with interoceptive awareness and connecting to hunger and fullness signals;
  • the top struggles for clients with ADHD and their relationship with food such as eating for stimulation, forgetting to eat, overwhelm when it comes to shopping and prepping food, meds that may suppress appetite, and more; 
  • how emotional dysregulation causes ADHDers to seek ways to control food through restriction or use food to cope with emotions. 

Aleta is a wealth of information when it comes to living with ADHD and trying to navigate nutrition, food, and disordered eating behaviors.

Where to find Aleta: 

Head to her website for more info on her group program, mini-courses, and more:


Intuitive Eating with ADHD Community

Mentioned in this episode: 

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